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There's so much that living in Suffolk Va has to offer. From food, to daycarcare, to activities, to jobs and more! Does that mean it's all fun, sunshine and rainbows? Not exactly!! Suffolk Va is an amazing place and we are here to help you learn more about living in Suffolk Va.

Living In Suffolk Va

Wondering what it's like to live in Suffolk Va? The Suffolk Va population is approximately 90,093, making Suffolk Va about 6% of the total population of the Hampton Roads area. All of Hampton Roads is steeped in history and Suffolk Virginia doesn’t disappoint. Established in 1742, Suffolk Virginia is the largest of the cities by land in the Hampton Roads area, at 430 square miles. Suffolk Virginia is also home to a lot of interesting attractions including hikes, Great Dismal Swamp, and the Seaboard Station Railroad Museum.

Where is Suffolk?

Suffolk Virginia is located in the western part of Hampton Roads, along with Norfolk, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach and Chesapeake. Suffolk Virginia is not located in a county as it is an independent city. Considering Suffolk Virginia is one of the 10 cities(7 if you are local) in Hampton Roads(, Suffolk Virginia is an integral part of the Hampton Roads area.

Suffolk Va Zip Code

Because Suffolk Virginia is an independent city, there are multiple zipcodes for Suffolk Va. Some of these are:





23432 and many more.

Weather in Suffolk Virginia

Weather in Suffolk Virginia is kind of all over the place. You have all four seasons, which is good for someone who likes a little bit of everything. Summers are warm with an average of 85 degrees in Suffolk Virginia, but watch out for those mosquitoes! Winters are not too cold in Suffolk Virginia, with an average temperature of 48 degrees, but can dip into the 30s and bring snow!

Moving to Hampton Roads?

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Proximity to Norfolk Naval Base

Most people PCSing to Hampton Roads, will be stationed at Naval Station Norfolk. There are other bases like Dam Neck, Oceana, Fort Eustis, Langley, and the Portsmouth Naval Medical Center, however, Naval Station Norfolk is the biggest navy base in the area as well as the world. It takes approximately 35-55 minutes to get to Naval Station Norfolk from Suffolk Va at 7 am. This of course is if everything goes right.

Suffolk Va, Suffolk Virginia, Living in Suffolk Va, Pros and Cons of Suffolk Va

Schools in Suffolk Va

There are 22 public schools in Suffolk Va. Some of the schools in Suffolk Va are:

Elementary Schools in Suffolk Va

  • Northern Shores Elementary School | PK-5 | 819+ Students
  • Oakland Elementary School | PK-5 | 454+ Students
  • Kilby Shores Elementary School | PK-6 | 511+ Students

Middle Schools in Suffolk Va

  • John Yeates Middle School | 6-8 | 552+ Students
  • Colonel Fred Cherry Middle School | 6-8 | 794+ Students
  • Forest Glen Middle School | 6-8 | 454+ Students

High Schools in Suffolk Va

  • Nansemond River High School | 9-12 | 1,602+ Students
  • King's Fork High School | 9-12 | 1,518+ Students
  • Lakeland High School | 9-12 | 1,049+ Students

Learn More About Schools in Suffolk Va at

Are The Schools Good in Hampton Roads?

First, we'd like to thank all of our teachers for all they do in every school! "Good" schools is an opinion and due diligence is required. Click the button if you would like to learn more about schools in Hampton Roads.

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Pros and Cons of Suffolk Virginia

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